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I combine my experiences as an actor, teacher, and student to tailor my teaching and coaching to the needs of my students. Depending on your needs we may focus on the following:


A Tension Free Body.

Use of Breath.

A clear connection to emotional expression through sound.

A grounded and supported voice.

Presence in performance.

Articulation of process. 

Fitzmaurice   Voicework

Purpose: To help the student communicate text and sound with a limitless capacity ignited by the freedom of a tension-free body. This voicework focuses on one's unique voice. This type of training will support speaking through performance, public speaking, singing, and vocal rehabilitation. This work also allows for somatic expression, meaning, increasing awareness of sound and how to use it as an actor/human.


Benefits: Opening your breathing, freeing and supporting your voice, a sense of presence, a sense of ease before a performance and or a speech.


*Send me a note via my contact page to learn more about workshops, master classes, etc.


Nail The Audition 

College Audition Prep for Students and Families!!


Individualized Approach: What is it you need? What are you goals? Where do you see yourself? I will help identify what it is you may need to work on and we will tailor each session to exactly what it is you are looking for. If you are coaching for a specific audition, and or auditioning for graduate schools, we will focus on material selection and or work on specified sides. If you are prepping for an audition that requires a dialect, we can also make sure you're prepared with the correct mouth posture and vowel substitutions necessary to create the dialect. 


First Session: Your first session may last a little longer than the normal hour session as I will most likely ask you a lot of questions about what exactly it is you are looking to get out of private coaching. My goal will be to get a clear sense of what exactly it is you are looking for so I can provide as much support as I can for each session. As we continue, I will recommend goals and how often I think we should meet in order to reach said goals.  

*New: College Audition Prep for Parents! A comprehensive step by step guide to preparing your child for college auditions. I'll help you and your child come up with a game plan-- everything from the FAFSA, scholarships, audition actor prep, and Pre-Screens coaching.


My Rates: I offer a sliding scale to those working in the business or to accommodate clients of different means. The regular cost is $125 per hour, and the minimum discounted rate is $85 per hour.

Schools my private students have gotten accepted to: Carnegie Mellon University, USC, Pace University, New York University, University of the Arts, Hart School, Boston Conservatory, Emerson, Marymount Manhattan, Boston University, Dean College, Salem State University, Syracuse, New York Film Academy, Roosevelt, Baldwin Wallace.




"Throughout working with Sean, my voice has improved exponentially, broadening my resonance and strength. In a short time, with a couple of simple adjustments, Sean was able to bring out the honesty in my acting. No matter the material, I always felt safe and comfortable. Working with Sean has taught me to connect not only to my words and character, but also to my voice throughout my body. I love his coaching because he is so genuine and focused on the individual's strengths and weaknesses. The classes I took and work I have done with him has transformed my acting and the way I attack a piece. I am so lucky to have gotten the chance to learn from him and hope to continue." - Melissa Mauer, BFA Student

"Having the honor to learn from Sean was a beautiful, creative experience, that left me walking away with not only essential tools to my craft, but influenced my reality to improve as well. He taught me how to have control over my body, which allowed for me to have control over my acting. Nothing left to say but that if I could take lessons from Sean for the rest of my career, I would be content." -Christopher Borger, BFA Student

“Having Sean as my Voice/Acting Coach has been a journey I never expected to embark on. He gave me challenges as an actor that has resonated in my craft as well as my daily life. And within those challenges, he made sure to lift me up with his knowledge, compassion and dedication to me as a student.” -

Alexandria Thomas, Private Student

“Always teaching with an abundance of passion and love for what he does, every lesson with Sean was profound. Not only did he teach our class valuable techniques to utilize the voice in a healthy manner, but he taught us how to genuinely be better people. He instilled in us that we matter, and as artists, we must continue making the world a better place. I walked away from that class with a clear understanding of who I was as an artist and who I wanted to be." -

Marlo Rodriguez, BFA Student

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